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Pet Passports

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

To obtain a pet passport for dogs, cats and ferrets, your pet will need:

1. A microchip

2. Rabies vaccination

3. PETS Passport

Your PETS passport can be completed at the time of the rabies vaccination.

Your pet may travel to Europe 21 days after the rabies vaccination.


Will my pet need a health certificate?

A health certificate is not required within European countries as a PETS passport is acceptable. It is your responsibility to contact DEFRA to find out the specific requirements and organise paperwork if necessary. You should leave plenty of time to ensure requirements are met and all of the appropriate paperwork has arrived at the practice.

When travelling to non-European countries some health certificates have very precise requirements, including blood and, in certain circumstances, faecal tests. Please refer to the DEFRA website for further information if needed. For further assistance visit


Returning to the UK

To get your pet back home you will need:

1. Veterinary certification in your PETS Passport

Applicable to dogs only: tapeworms treatment will need to be given to your dog 24 – 120 hours prior to your return to the UK. This will then be recorded in your PETS Passport. If you are only travelling for a day, this will need to be done in the UK before travelling.

2. Pets Declaration

This will be recorded before returning to the UK and is a declaration that your pet has not been outside of the PETS countries whilst on its travels.


Your PETS Passport is an important document, please keep it in a safe place. Remember, this certificate essentially allows your pet to return to the UK following travel to countries within the PETS scheme. It may not necessarily allow travel to these countries.

ALWAYS check present requirements and up-to-date information by contacting either:

1. PETS HELPLINE – 0870 241 1710

2. The local DEFRA Animal Health Office – 0118 959 6695


It is very important that the rabies vaccination is not allowed to lapse beyond the stated expiry date on your PETS passport. Should this occur, you would have to start the whole process over again.

We do not currently send out booster reminders for Rabies and would stress that it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet’s rabies vaccination and hence PETS passport does not lapse.


For further information, please either pop in and pick up a leaflet, or telephone us on 01844 212000.