Newsletter – Autumn 2014

Posted on August 23, 2015 by Jake


In the age of internet shopping we are seeing more and more puppies that have been bought online and delivered to a happy new owner for a bargain price, however these puppies generally come from puppy farms where they have been bred in poor conditions, mixing with lots of other puppies and have been separated from their mothers far too soon. These conditions drastically increase the risk of deadly diseases due to poor welfare of the bitch and interbreeding. Researched obtained from the kennel club suggests that “as many as one in three may have unknowingly bought from a puppy farm, after sourcing their puppy online, on social media, in pet shops or through free newspaper ads. One in five pups bought online or in pet shops need long-term veterinary care or die before six months old”. As we are always as pleased to welcome your new addition to the family as you are we have made this puppy buying guide to make sure you get a well-bred, healthy puppy.

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