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Overview of Facilities

At our Thame hospital we offer 24 hour hospital care and facilities including x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG, fluid therapy and blood sampling, the latter in our on-site laboratory.

All urgent emergency cases are seen by a veterinary surgeon from the Practice, who will have at their disposal all the facilities of the Hospital, and the assistance of the nursing team. A nurse is on duty at all times to provide out of hours nursing care. Please note that out of hours consultations and care carry additional fees.

Operating Theatre

The hospital has a modern, well-equipped operating theatre available for procedures where the utmost cleanliness is needed.

Non-surgical Procedure Room

This is used for less invasive procedures such as ultrasound and dental operations. It has a specialist examination table to allow a wide variety of procedures to take place.

Kennel and Cattery

Our kennel and cattery are two separate wards in the hospital that house patients during their treatment with us. Calming pheromone diffusers are used in the kennel areas to help keep your pets calm. Each individual kennel comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate every size of pet and is lined with a cosy vet bed. Litter trays are provided to our feline patients and dogs are walked regularly throughout the day. There are additional kennels in a separate room of the hospital which allow nervous patients to have a quiet space away from busier areas of the practice.

Isolation Ward

This ward is situated within the hospital and houses patients with infectious diseases or compromised immune systems. It is a self-contained unit which has the equipment we need to treat your pet whilst minimising the risk of cross-contamination. Our isolation ward goes through a rigorous deep clean in between each animal’s stay.


We are able to run a number of laboratory tests in-house including blood tests to check vital organ functions and the levels of red and white blood cells. For more specific testing the practice can send samples to an external laboratory. Whilst we are able to run urine tests in-house to check for urine, bladder or kidney disease, advanced testing may still need to be sent externally at times.


Ultrasound is an imaging technique based on the use of sound waves and offers a non-invasive, non-painful method for diagnosis and staging of many diseases. It is an excellent tool for evaluating the internal abdominal organs (such as liver, gallbladder, kidneys, urinary bladder), checking for pregnancy. Ultrasound can be used to assist in biopsy samples of some tissues. The results of the ultrasound will help your veterinarian make a definitive diagnosis and offer you the best options for treating your pet. Ultrasound examinations can also be used to evaluate the heart, this is referred to as an “echocardiogram” and, again, can help the veterinarian in diagnosing many diseases.


We have the latest digital x-ray equipment, which enables us to gain the clearest image available to aid rapid diagnosis. One of our consulting rooms is also equipped with an x-ray machine.